Rapier Notes


Stance: dominant foot matches what hand holds blade and points in

direction of motion; opposite foot is pointed at an angle of

dominant foot and does not pass that plane.

Steps: donít gather. Move dominant foot forward, then bring

opposite foot to neutral; for the double step, move forward from

opposite foot careful not to cross the plane of dominant foot,

then step forward again with dominant foot.

These steps can be done in reverse. Practice the steps!

Different guards:

Prima: true edge up, nails right

Secunda: true edge out, nails down

Terza: true edge down, nails left

Cuarta: true edge left, nails up

Point of percussion: where the dead harmonic lies. Not so

important in rapier.

Pivot: where the node of balance is in the blade. Important for

changing guards.


Only thing new we learned was about exercises we can use to help with point control.

Here is a link on how to wrap a tip for a SCA rapier: http://www.ehow.com/how_7466079_secure-sca-rapier-tip.html

And here is advice on hanging a tennis ball from a string:


Here is the exercise I did tonight:

1. From terza, stab the tennis ball about 10 times successfully. If the ball moves, go with it.

2. Repeat this in the other hand.

3. Repeat steps one and two from prima, seconda, and quarta. (corrected my spellings).

4. hold the tip of the rapier where the ball connects to the string. Rotate through all four positions several times slowly, never coming unconnected from the ball. Repeat in other hand.

These steps can obviously be made harder as you get better.